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Start-Manager’s Virtual Demo
This virtual demo will walk you through the features of the Start-Manager’s Access control and OSHA safety check SM301 unit
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Start-Manager will indicate to the operator if he has entered an incorrect code/card ensuring that only authorized personnel can access the equipment.
Start-Manager can hold over 500 unique 4-digit access codes.
New codes can be added and removed quickly and efficiently.
Start-Manager can hold over 200 unique 125 kHz Proximity cards. Our dual reader works with both HID format and EM4100 format cards and fobs.
Start-Manager comes with 11 default questions that meet OSHA requirements. System can be custom configured with up to 16 questions during set-up.
After a failed Safety question, Start-Manager can be set to lock out until a supervisor releases it, or just record the data
The safety check feature can be set to activate at the start of each shift or every time the equipment is started.
The choice is yours
Start-Manager’s Virtual Demo
Depending on the model, Start-Manger can either collect the information via WiFi or manually. The choice is yours.

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Start-Manager’s Virtual Demo
Before using the device the user needs to enter a four digit code or swipe a valid proxy card.

Let’s start by entering any random four digit code on the keypad.
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